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Boot Camp Fitness- Only $150 for a 12 Week Session

Boot Camp Fitness- Only $150 for a 12 Week Session

Available at Multiple Locations. Starts 10/19.

Cities and Sports is now offering Boot Camp Fitness to its members through a partnership with The Rise Fitness Bootcamp. Join a 12 week boot camp session for just $150 total. You won't find this special offer anywhere else. 


Choose from multiple days/times at 3 locations:

  • Chase Park (4701 N. Ashland)
  • Gill Park (825 W. Sheridan Rd)
  • Revere Park (2509 W. Irving Park Road)

Sign up for a session below. 



Bootcamp Fitness - 3 Locations - Classes 6 Days a Week - (8 Weeks)

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  • Sport: Fitness
  • Format: Bootcamp Fitness
  • Locations: Gill Park
  • Days of the week: Monday
  • Started on : Started on Monday, January 11

About Rise

The RISE is an on-going fitness boot camp dedicated to transforming participants from fitness beginners to all out warriors. As a group, they help each other achieve their individual fitness  goals  using   the  unique support of  a group dynamic,  camaraderie  and accountability  via  proper diet and exercise protocol.​​

No matter  what  your  fitness  goals are or what your current physical  capabilities might  be,  The RISE can help  you  succeed.  While  accessing  key components of  training,  they  invite  you  to challenge yourself  and support  your  journey  to  each  new  powerful   level  of   personal   victory.