Soccer Rules

8 vs 8 Coed Recreational








The team that wins the coin toss at the start of the game will have first choice of starting with the ball or the choice of side to defend. The referee will choose who calls the toss or Odd/Even selection.



The field will be approximately 150’ long x 100’ wide.  Play will start at the center circle.  The goal will be 4’ tall x 6’ wide and will have a 10’ wide and 6’ deep goal box marked in the front of the goal. 



TEAM UNIFORM: Cities and Sports will supply you with a team colored jersey.  Wearing your own jersey is acceptable as long as it matches the color of the rest of your team.  As a team you can use your own jerseys as long as the all match.  You are encouraged to wear your team supplied jersey or color to ensure there will be no issues with teams wearing matching colors on game day.  Please check with Cities and Sports if you would like to wear your own custom jerseys. 


BALL:  The ball will be a FIFA approved, size 5 ball.  The league will supply a ball but if you would like to use your own ball, as long as it is properly inflated and approved by the opposing team it can be used. 


CLEATS:  Only plastic molded cleats are allowed, no metal baseball cleats are allowed.  Turf or athletic shoes are acceptable.


SHIN GUARDS:  Shin guards are not required but are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  If shin guards are worn they must be completely covered by socks.



There will be one referee per field in short sided games.  The Referee will do his/her best to move around the field to be in position to make the correct call.  The Referees decision will be final.



Please understand that any touching, threatening or abusive language and behavior towards the referee will deem suspension from the league. Any physical confrontation or fighting with the referee the Police will be called and reports filed.



Each team shall field no more than 8 players (5 Males/3 Females) at any one time.  The team must have the minimum number of females on the field but will always be permitted to play with additional females on the field if they desire.  If a team cannot field a full team the will be allowed to play with a minimum of 5 players (minimum 2 females).  If a team playing short is down by more than 7 goals at halftime the second have will be forfeited.



  • All teams must turn in final rosters and waivers by week 2.  No roster additions will be permitted after this or for the playoffs unless approved by Cities and Sports prior to that week’s games. 
  • There is no limit to the amount of people listed on the roster. 
  • No roster alterations will be allowed for the playoffs and pick up players (ringers) are not allowed.  



Play will be divided into (2) 22-minute halves separated by a 5 minute halftime.  The time is a running clock maintained by the referee and will only be stopped for serious injury or weather.  Teams will be advised when there is one minute remaining in each half.  Any team delaying the game, (ex. kicking the ball far out of bounds) may result in a stoppage of the clock by the referee.



The ball will be placed at and must complete 1 forward rotation before being touched by another player.  A shot cannot be taken off from the kickoff until it has been touched by a second person.  If the ball is shot from kickoff and without another offense touch will result in a goal kick.


The second half teams will switch sides and the team that started with the ball in the first half will start on defense in the second half. 



  • ALL substitutions must be identified to the referee before entering the game.  There is no substituting “on the fly”.
  • Substitutions may occur during any stoppage of play.
  • There will be no substitution or stoppage to allow a substitution if the other team is in an offensive position like direct kicks or a throw in on the offensive half. 



  • THROW IN: If a ball is played out of bounds by a team along the sideline a throw in will be awarded to the other team.  The person throwing in the ball must throw the ball overhead with both hands and keep both feet remaining on the ground out-of-bounds until the ball is released.
  • GOAL KICK: A ball that goes out of bounds over the end line and was last touched by the offense will result in a goal kick.  The goal kick must take place even with the end of the top of the goal box but can be moved within a yard of the side of the goal box.  The person playing the goal kick can move into the goal box to take the kick to allow for adequate space to take the kick.  Offensive players must give at least 10 yards to take a goal kick.  
  • CORNER KICK: A ball that goes out of bounds over the end line and was last touched by the defense will result in a corner kick.  The corner kick must take place within 1 yard of the corner of the field and should be taken on the same side that the ball went out on (right of goal, corner kick on the right side of field). Defensive players must give at least 5 yards to take a corner kick.




The ball is to be placed at the point of the infraction and to be put in play by any player on the affected team; this must be done in a timely manner. No opposing player is allowed to be within 5 steps of ball prior to kick or the kick can be retaken. 

Fouls inside the goal box will result in a penalty kick.

Fouls committed near the goal box will result in a direct kick a minimum of 3 paces from the closest edge of the goal box. 

A handball, even unintentional, if you are the last person will result in a penalty kick. 




Slide Tackles, Fighting, Kicking, Tripping, Charging, Striking, Pushing, Obstruction, Handball and Unsportsmanlike Conduct to a player, referee or league official. 


NOTE: A handball will not be assessed if the ball hits a person who is CLEARLY trying to protect themselves and as a result of this is the ball is not directed to themselves or another player on their team. 


SLIDE TACKLES ARE NEVER ALLOWED.  Sliding to save or play a ball is permitted as long as no other players are near the ball.  Slide tackle on a breakaway will result in an immediate ejection and penalty shot. 


ABUSIVE LANGUAGE: Cities and Sports plays in public parks and supports a positive sporting environment.  Excessive swearing or cursing at yourself or directed at someone else may result in a yellow or red card subject to referee discretion.


Yellow Cards:  Rough fouls or un-sportsman like conduct may result in a yellow card.  2 yellow cards in a game will result in an immediate ejection. 


Red Cards:  Fouls with intent to injure, fighting or severe un-sportsman like conduct will result in a Red Card and ejection from the game.  If a player receives a Red Card while on the field the team will be forced to play short for the remainder of the game.  If a guy was ejected the team must play down a guy, of vice versa.  A Red Card will also result in suspension from the following weeks games.  Repeat offenders are subject to a season long suspension from the league. 


FIGHTING:  There is absolutely no fighting. If you feel there is an altercation rising, please walk off the field or sub if possible.  Address the referee immediately if you feel threatened.  The referee will stop play if there is any sign that a physical altercation may rise. 

  • Players involved in a fight will receive a red card and be suspended for the following 2 games.
  • Players coming off the bench to participate in a will also receive a red card and be suspended for the following 2 games 
  • If a player is involved in a fight there is a minimum two game suspension.  
  • No refunds will be given if someone is suspended or dismissed from the league due to fighting.
  • Fighting with your own teammate will may also result in a red card for both players involved.  The team will not play down if this happens but both of the players involved will be asked to leave the game and the field. 


Cities and Sports is a recreational social league and actions that disrupt this are not welcome.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this issue.



There will be no offsides in 8 vs. 8 Coed Recreational soccer. 



  • Goals cannot be scored from the defensive half of the field.  Goals scored from the defensive half of the field and not touched by another offensive player first will be disallowed and result in a goal kick.
  • To be counted as a goal the ball must COMPLETELY cross the goal line, meaning there must be ground visible between the part of the ball touching the ground and the goal line.



Teams will not be allowed to have a goalkeeper.  A player can position in front of the goal as long as they remain outside of the goal box.  Hands are not allowed and will result in a direct kick at the spot of the foul. 



A goal box will be marked off in front of each goal. It will extend 6’ out from the goal line and 2’ down the goal line from each post.  All players (offensive and defensive) must remain outside this area. 

  • Offensive player in the goal crease:  If an offensive player plays the ball in the box or breaks the plane to play a goal in the box a goal kick will be assessed.  If a goal is scored as a result of this it will be disallowed.  If an offensive player is in the box and a goal is scored, even if they did not touch the ball the goal will be disallowed. A ball on the line will be considered live until it crosses the line completely, this will be up to the discretion of the referee.
  • Defensive player in the goal crease:  Defensive players are not permitted to “park” in the goal box.  If a defensive player plays the ball, breaks the plane or “parks” in the goal box to play a ball it will result in a penalty kick for the offense.  A ball on the line will be considered live until it crosses the line completely, this will be up to the discretion of the referee.
  • Defensive hand ball to intentionally done to prevent a goal, or to alter a shot on goal will immediately result in a penalty kick. 
  • If there is a dead ball, or ball that stops moving in the goal box it will always result in a goal kick. 
  • Players may run through the box as long as they do not affect the shot or use the run to reposition the position of a defender.


All penalty shot will be to an open goal, 15 paces/yards out.






  • 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a tie.  Goals for and against will be recorded and used in the event of a tie in the seeding for playoff position.
  • Tie games, REGULAR SEASON Games: Games ending in a tie score will be recorded as tie games. 
  • Tie games, PLAYOFF Games: In the event of a tie at the end of regulation a 5 min. golden goal overtime will be used.  If the game is still tied at the end of the game penalty kicks (no goalie) will be used to determine the winner.
    • Overtime Format: 5 minute golden goal overtime. Teams must remove 2 players and play with six players. (Example: Format 4 guys and 2 girls). 
    • If the final playoff game is still tied after the first overtime a second 5 minute, golden goal overtime will be played if time allows before going to a shootout.



  1. Each team selects 5 players (3 males, 2 females) and they will alternate shots to determine a winner.  The 5 players can be on or off the field at the end of the game.  A coin toss will decide which team shoots first. The referee will decide which goal to shoot at based on field conditions. 
  2. Shots will be taken 15 yards out from the goal line.  The shot will be a one touch shot, no dribbling is allowed.
  3. Teams will alternate taking penalty shots in any order (No guy/ girl shooting order is necessary) as long as 3 guys and 2 girls are in the first 5 shooters.
  4. If tied after the 1st round of penalty kicks, a second round of 3 (2 guys/1 girl) different players witll take penalty kicks.  If there are not enough players they can be recycled at this time. 
  5. If still tied after the second round of penalty kicks a head to head shootout will occur.  Players cannot be recycled for the head to head shootout unless all players of that gender have taken a penalty shot.  
  6. If a team begins to utilize players for the second time, the other team may “recycle” players at this time as well.



If a team has to forfeit or is a no show more than twice in one season they will be removed from the schedule, ineligible for the playoffs and no refund will be given. 


Is not allowed at the fields.