Kickball Rules

  • Let's have a fun time and remember that we are playing a great game of kickball.  We are here to have a good time, meet people and play good sports.
  • Players: 10 fielders per team (11-15 players on the roster)  On the field it is 6 men and 4 women in the field at one time.  A legal game consists of 8 players (6 men/2 women).  Teams may not play with more than 6 men at one time and no less than 2 woman for it to be considered a legal game. 
  • Substitutions: Free substitutions in the field.  Everyone kicks.
  • Field: Played on a regulation softball field with some restrictions. 
  • Equipment: Played with a regulation 10” big red playground ball.
  • Game Time: A regulation game is 7 innings or 1 hour (warm up time included).  The last inning will start 10-15 minutes to the hour.  The umpire will enforce this rule and will make the call at the top of the final inning. 
  • Game Scoring: The winning team is the team with most runs after the completed game of play.  A tie game after 7 innings will be declared a tie unless, time permitting.
  • Coed Rules: 10 fielders (8 min), 6 men (6 max), 4 women (2 min)
  • Lineups must be given to the umpire for every game

How the Game is Played



- Ball must be thrown underhand

- All batters will start with a one ball, one strike count.

- Ball must be rolled toward home plate toward the kicker.  Pitches must not be bounced.  Pitches that bounce more than 1 foot above the ground will be ruled an illegal pitch and the umpire will call the pitch a ball.

- 4 balls is a walk, 3 strikes in an out

- Pitcher mound is 40 feet away

- Pitcher must throw a reason

- A batter with two strikes is allowed one foul ball, two fouls with two strikes, the batter is out.

- Strike zone is the plate plus 1 foot on either side and 1 foot high. 

- All kicks must be by foot and must occur at or behind home plate

- Pitcher and fielders must stay behind the pitcher’s mound until the ball is kicked.

- Catcher or kicker is not allowed to cross home plate until the ball is contacted.

- Kicker may not attempt to kick the ball in front of home plate. If the kicker does contact the ball in front of home plate it will be considered a foul.

- Bunting is not allowed



- Catcher must be at least 3 feet behind the plate

- Infielders must be properly aligned.  They must be behind the 1st to 3rd diagonal - including the pitcher

- Outfielders must be behind the outfield line until kicker makes contact.  If the line is not clearly marked it is up the umpires discretion to enforce the rule if a outfielder is to close to the infield

- There cannot be more than 7 players on the infield at any one time

-There are no position requirements of any players

- All players in the field must be listed in the batting order



- Runners may be thrown out by hitting them directly with the ball

- Balls may not be thrown at runners above the shoulders.  Any runner hit above the shoulders is considered safe and will be awarded another base.

- No leading off or stealing

- If a runner intentionally runs into a fielder, or is out of control when running and runs into a fielder, they will be called OUT.  This is completely up to the discretion of the umpire and may not be argued.

- Infield fly rule is enforced

- Sliding is allowed



- All players must kick.  There is no guy girl batting order rules other than the 3 to 2 ratios. (i.e. You may bat 5 men followed by 4 women or vice-versa)

- Ball must cross the plate before it is kicked or a foul ball is called

- (3 to 2 ratio) enforced

- A foul kick above the batter's head may be caught for an out


  • Inning run limit rule:  There is a 7 run limit per inning through innings 1-4.  Unlimited runs may be scored in innings 5, 6 and 7 always.  Game mercy rule applied when a team is up 10 runs after 5 complete innings.
  • Inning run limit rule:  There is a 7 run linit per inning through innings 1-4
  • Waivers:  To participate in the league, each participant must sign the team waiver.  Waivers must be turned in no later than the first week of play.  Any particpant that did not sign the waiver in the first week must meet with our staff and sign the waiver to be able to partipate in league play.
  •  Playoffs:  All teams make the playoffs and compete in a single elimination tournament to determine the league champion.
  •  Alcohol:  Smoking and alcohol are forbidden.  We use public youth fields for many of our leagues and it is illegal to use tobacco or alcohol on the property.
  • Let's have some great fun!  See you on the field.