Fall Registration Now Open- Leagues Start Sept. 6th - Join Today

Fall Registration Now Open- Leagues Start Sept. 6th - Join Today

Play Kickball, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Dodgeball

Fall sports are here with some leagues starting 9/6.


12" and 16" Softball

12" and 16" Softball

Play with Us at Waveland & Clarendon Park

Fall registration now open for: 


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Coed 8 vs. 8 Soccer

Coed 8 vs. 8 Soccer

8 Week Leagues Start 9/6

Play 8 vs. 8 coed rec soccer with us at Clarendon Park. Leagues play Saturdays from 10am-12pm.


Afterwards, players head to the sponsor bar, Reservoir to socialize. 


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Late Summer Leagues


Kickball Saturday- Clarendon Park 9/6
Softball Saturday "12" - Clarendon Park 9/6
Soccer Saturday - Clarendon Park 9/6
Flag Football Saturday - Old Town 9/6
Softball Sunday - Waveland Park 9/14
more leagues will be coming in fall...
* Indoor Volleyball - Old Town 9/17
* Indoor Volleyball - Wrigleyville 12/14
* Bowling - Waveland Bowl 10/14
* Dodgeball - Hamlin Park 9/16


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Congratulations Go Spike Yourself

Congratulations Go Spike Yourself

Champions of spike fest at North Ave 8/2

Go Spike Yourself battled against hundreds of players and won the Spike Fest tournament at North Ave Saturday Aug. 2nd.  


Congratulations on a great victory.  We look forward to seeing everyone in our indoor leagues in the fall.  We will see everyone next summer!



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Cities and Sports is having a fun time playing sports and socializing.  We have met great people and played some great games.  Click our photo's above and view our galleries from our many leagues.  You can see how much fun it is to play in our leagues.  Sign up for one of our leagues today!

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